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Hello All, :(

I read a few postings in the past and recently to see if anyone experienced my situation, I'll describe in a short story (or if you don't like to read, just skip to the facts). Last Saturday after a 30+ Km I parked on a mall, after moving in reverse and shifting to Drive, it felt like when you hit a parking stop barrier. At that point the issue started. Going to the street I noticed no much power, like if it was starting in gear 3 or 4. I could generate enough speed up to 60 Km but if I encountered any uphill then power was very low moving up to 5 Km. Parked again to see if I could discover any issues and had the idea of resetting the computer (ignition key off and run 3 times). After this procedure I was able to manual shift to gear 1 and control up and down. Every time I stop, park and start the engine, the problem came back. Same solution worked resetting the computer. At that point the check engine light was on. Yesterday I drove close to hoe a few Kms and the Check engine light was off and CVT worked as any other day. Today on my 3rd trip problem came back. On a red light I did my 3 cycle off/run key reset and again the CVT reacted fine.
I thought it could be the throttle position sensor (TPS) as it is mentioned in some postings regarding the CVT, but after the limited correct functionality I starting thinking it won't be the case.
Don't know how frequent (if any) is this issue on the Compass.
So any suggestions you offer before taking the car to the Dealer$hip will be appreciated.
2.0 L
2008 North edition
129,900 KMs
CVT stuck in gear 3 (or 4, not sure) max 2000 RPM unless computer reset (3 cycle off/run key)

Error code P0700 - Powertrain Transmission Control System (MIL Request)
Error code U1146 - Network​
Manual shifting available working up and down after computer reset
Temp was at normal middle range
No additional noise other than the ones it had since I got this jeep 8 years ago.
No Jerking

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