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Sharing this to provide a knowledge base with regard to any 2017.5+ compass that decides to go "Kaput!" aka randomly dies!

Keeping this as brief as possible: Used auto start feature to fire mine up, pulled out of a parking lot and jeep shuttered w/ dash lights dimming before throwing an "Electrical failure" error message on the OD followed by shutting off. Jeep refused to turn back on in the minutes to follow. Auto parking break engaged. 20 minutes of sitting and she fired right up no issues.

Few days later, I'm driving and came to a stop. Auto on/off ignition feature kicked in turning the jeep off. Upon pressing the gas pedal the jeep immediately died after ignition engaged. Wouldn't start for 10 minutes; once it did she was fine.

Ran an OBD II code pull on it which was pulling codes all over the place aka no beuno's ! Yet indicated issue wasn't specific to root cause compared to nature of codes being pulled (throttle sensor, MAI, Misfire, etc)!

Dealership says the secondary battery specific for the auto on/off feature is shot. Battery is covered under warranty but will be 3 weeks before delivery.

IF YOU ENCOUNTER THIS - Don't freak, and don't call Triple AAA. Throw the jeep into neutral, push it into a safe location if possible but DO NOT push it onto a road facing down hill as your power brakes will be out (think about it)! Wait 10 minutes and fire it up. You'll have to remember to disengage the auto on/on feature EVERY time you drive...or else! Replace that damn battery.
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