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Saw this from a guy who makes them for patriots and the compass. The guy has not contacted me back, so I was left with the empty feeling of wanting it so I made my own. It cost me about $30 and it looks great. THIS IS NOT A RECOVERY POINT!!!! it's a tie down for roof racks. There's a video of the actual installation process on YouTube I only made the steel brace and had a buddy of mine weld the nut to it. Here's some pics. All the items I got from home Depot or Lowe's, the shackle I got from eBay.
I used a 3/4" shackle
1/2" threaded eye bolt
Two (1/2) hex nuts
1/2 fender washers
1/2 lock washer
Two 1" grade 8 spacers for shackle
7" piece of steel plate I got it at home Depot (they sell it 3ft pieces) this you will have to drill a 5/8 hole and weld a 1/2 nut to I asked a buddy to do it for me. The guy in the vid cuts the piece of bumber in half but I just slid the piece in first it will make more sense when you watch the vid.

Again the vid shows the install. it goes in your crush bumber, I will say it again this is not a recovery point!!!!!


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