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Hello everyone, so our jeep is due for replacement suspension. You really feel every bump in the road and the car is very bouncy. In my sig below is the info, but it's a 2007 2.4L Fwd Sport with only 60k miles.

Now I am not too mechanically inclined so I am getting help from a buddy who is, and I want to replace these myself (with his help of course).

For the front I am certain that I have struts, in the back I think that they're shocks. Yet when I am looking on line for parts such as amazon or another site my friend recommended they have options for struts for both the front and for the back. By looking at the back they look like shocks, but the fact that I can find both has me confused and don't want to order the wrong parts.

And when it comes to ordering parts, I recognize the name Monroe that comes up, and they're usually more pricey than other part manufacturers that come up. Should I just pony up and pay for Monroe or are there other brands you would recommend that might be a bit less, or is it buyer beware - you get what you pay for so stick with Monroe. Keep in mind that I just want to restore OEM performance, I am not going mudding ;)

Now that I think about it, more questions - do I purchase the strut mounts? Is there a way to tell if those need replacements or only when the strut is removed? I was told once by a mechanic that the only way to tell is once removed. Any other item that I should look at for replacement once I have the struts and/or shocks off?

Thanks for the help,

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