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2010 JEEP COMPASS 2.4 2WD 125,000 km
If you are loosing small amounts of coolant in this location . It is most likely a cracked Thermostat housing assemble .

Remove air inlet components to give you a clear view of the T/housing . Pressurize your rad to about 10 psi using the appropriate tool and you can see the fluid pour out or just drip on the under side . DO NOT over pressurize your coolant system or you will find out what the weakest part is in the system when it blows . Unfortunately I scraped the part after I replaced same and cannot provide a photo . This must be an issue why else would Jeep make a all in one repair kit containing all necessary parts to complete the job .
Dump that Pinkish rad coolant it will gel and take out your head gasket .

F**ked by Chrysler again

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