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Hello forum.
I'm hailing from Germany and it's been my first year in this relationship w/ new Compass CRD (Diamler-Benz OM651 engine, man. transm.), we're still learning a lot about each other lol

It's a diesel lady so I found that many things doesn't automatically apply as they normally would for your CVT, like K&N so called "performance air filters" e.g. We're about 10k km together, and winter tire change will happen next week, new shoes, some pics to come I promise.

What would I like to ask is, do you and how do you perform ECU relearn procedure on diesel Jeeps? With or without battery disconnect?
What exactly is going to be reset in computer, regarding better performance, acceleration, fuel consumption etc? Mileage, Navi hope not. Maybe tire diameter, since new tires (225/70r16) are 3.85% bigger than stock summer 215/55r18?? Is there any manual control over daylights to be turned off when not needed?? Basically anything with ECU on CRD handling on this thread would greatly help, educational purposes only of course.

Tnx for your inputs.
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