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Sunday Compass did not want to start. Acted like a low battery, starter barely turned over the engine. Voltage was 11.9 and 12.0 volts showing on the gauge. After several tries and having to pump the gas pedal it started. Voltage was then showing as 14.7 volts indicating that the battery was pulling hard charge from the alternator. Let it run for an hour and shut off. Voltage was then 12.8 volts. Went to AutoZone and had charging system checked. They said battery was good and charging system was good. All seemed well on way home and in driveway.

This morning, I went to start the Compass for my wife to go to work. First hit the start button without trying to start so I could check the battery voltage on the dash. 12.6 volts. Jeep started no problem. Voice came on saying something about "unable to complete something, no phone connected/paired. Please see settings." Voltage was then only reading 12.6 volts instead of the normal 13.8 - 14.4 volt range indicating that the alternator was not working and the car running strictly on the battery. I popped the hood and checked the voltage with a meter and it also read 12.6 volts. Turned car off and restarted while watching the volt meter on the dash. It started at 13.8 volts and fell to 12.6 volts. I tried this a couple times with repeated results and shut off the car. Couldn't let the wife try to drive to work like that. Her daily commute is 142 miles.
After I got cleaned up I drove the car to Walker Jeep Ram dealer 3.2 miles away. On the way there I kept a close eye on the voltometer in the dash. Once while going down a hill when I let off the gas the voltage started reading 14.7 and started falling before returning to 12.3 volts when I gave it the gas. I let off the gas to see if voltage returned but no. Then while turning right at the next intersection volts went back up to 13.2 volts again without giving any throttle before going to 12.3 volts. Then a few seconds later back to 13.2 volts for a split second before staying at 12.3-12.1 the remainder of the drive.
Dealership was packed and said they were booked into next week. I informed them that the Compass was our only vehicle and that my wife needed to get to work so I asked for a loaner. Dealership said they had no loaners available after first asking if I bought it there (which I had not). Shuttle van took me home.
I will update later as the dealership just called and said it was ready and was sending the shuttle to pick me up.😀
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