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Started having problems with headlights, turn signals, fog lights, 02 sensors (front and back), a/c, manifold flow valve, red brake light. Of course mechanic said he thought it was a bad TIPM. I wasnt buying that seeing as everything is blamed on the TIPM. So the fix for the passenger side components and rear 02 sensor (bank 1,sensor 2), and the manifold flow valve is to replace the main ground underneath the windshield washer fluid tank. Its bolted to the chassis. G110 ground.
Fix for the drivers side components and front 02 sensor ( bank 1 ,sensor 2) is the G112 ground which is located directly above the drivers side headlight. This ground had two eyelits attached to it but I only replaced the one that had the matching color wires for the headlights and other items I was having problems with.
When I say replace the grounds I'm talking about cutting the eyelit off and replacing it. It's a very simple fix and saves you a couple thousand dollars in having a mechanic diagnose the problem.
Wires were evidently broken at the point where the original eyelit was crimped to the wires. Hope this helps someone it took me a few weeks to figure this out and to find the grounds.
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