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What's up guys?? I'm new here, and Can anyone help please help me?? My Jeep has got some problems, one being the ESP/BAS Light came on for it... please don't be ignorant or rude, don't need to argue about it, an please no smart alek comments, I'm just a man that needs some help....

I've got a 2008 Jeep Compass, and the ESP/BAS light turned on for it a couple of months ago, an we didn't drive it at all until I totaled my 95 Grand Cherokee, & as of now the only way that light will turn off, is if you hit the Button down by the shifter, the Light never turns off while driving, it hasn't ever turned off while driving or letting it idle.... ((Except when hitting the Button))

Another issue is if we leave the battery cables connected, and something in the Jeep is bowing the side walls out of it, as in, instead of the Battery Walls being flat, there like Bubbled out....

Has anyone else changed there Rear Control Arm on their Compass yet?? If not, your gonna have to buy an Adjustable Control Arm... I went to the Auto Parts Store to get a new Control Arm for it & to change it out and I changed them out & now the rear tires are tilted in towards the inside of the jeep, & now I gotta buy an Adjustable Rear Control Arm... Does anyone know why you have to buy an Adjustable Arm for your Tires to sit right?? I was also told I need to buy a kimber kit for it, anyone know anything about that??

Can anyone please tell me why it came on??
Can someone Please Tell me how to fix it??
Has anyone have this problem with there Jeep Compass??
Any answers, help, tips, tricks, fixes, or info about it would be very much greatly appreciated...
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