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Hey everyone, here to let you know about the Jeep Engineering Event that’s taking place on Tuesday, March 25th at 5pm EST. The featured topic of discussion for this particular Jeep Engineering Q & A Session will be “Let’s Talk Jeep Fantasy”.

This session will be a combination Jeep Concept / Jeep Enthusiast Fantasy Vehicle dialogue as well as future Mopar Performance parts needs for Jeeps, though there are no official plans to produce these vehicles or components. Don’t miss this great opportunity to tell us what you want us to build!

If you want to check it out, click here to go to the Jeep Homepage. A link to the event will be on the bottom of your screen. The link will take you to the Event site where you can select “Jeep Engineering- Q&A” and check out previous events and start thinking about what you’d like to ask.

Once more, that’s the “Let’s Talk Jeep Fantasy” Event on Tuesday, March 25th at 5pm until 7pm EST. Click here for the Jeep Homepage.

I will be around if you have any questions.

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