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I'm a little confused on the letter I rec'd February 15, 2017 about the extended warranty on the crossmembers. I have a 2008 Jeep Compass and I have had several things repaired because of my car shaking (especially at highway speeds) Most repairs to the car were done in 2013 & 2014 with mileage at 58,000 to 70,000.
I am not sure on the correct terminology of my receipts but this is what has been done:
10/2013 Replaced both rear wheel bearings and HUB & BRG-Brake bill was $712.80
7/2014 Grind strut to make camber adj Outer tie rods ends bill was $325.45
Lower Ball Joints/both sides bill was $616.68

The recent letter states crossmembers and vibration at the steering wheel...I do remember the constant vibration of the steering wheel. Does any of the work I had done on my Jeep count towards any reimbursement?
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