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Vehicle: 2012 Compass (MK)

I installed a Hella 500 driving light kit last night. I replaced the bulbs with Hella 130 watt bulbs and also upgrade ALL of the wiring. The only electrical item in the kit I retained was the 30-amp relay and a blue ground wire pigtail for the relay. It was an easy install (I’ve done many a project like this before).

We need to find a (+) wire to trigger the 30-amp relay that will switch on the Hella’s. I like them to activate automatically when I turn on my high beams. The first thing I checked was to make sure the high-beams were positive (+) switched and not ground switched like many GM vehicles. It is positive switched so I unplugged the driver side high beam and front turn signal harness (so you can pull the whole harness up easier) and pulled back the electrical tape covering the two wires that go to the high beam plug. You want to carefully remove all of the tape for that wire down to the main wire (about 6-8”). Then I cut the white w/red strip wire (+) about halfway back and stripped each wire. Solder in a wire (at least 8” long with a female spade terminal on one end) along with both of the high beam wires back together and heat shrink them. I prefer soldering here as it’ll last longer than a crimp. This wire will go to terminal “86” on the relay. The short blue wire that already came with the kit and already has a crimp terminal can plug into terminal “85” on the relay with the other end going to the ground lug near the battery on the radiator mount. Now the relay will connect power supply (fused 30A to batter) at relay terminal “30” to “87” that both Hella’s are wired to.

As you see in the photo, I gutted all is the flimsy stock wiring and used 12 gauge fine stranded copper to handle the load. I soldered both ground ends to a single loop terminal that was bolted to the radiator support ground lug located near the battery. The positive wires were joined at the supply end and I soldered on a female spade terminal and plugged that into the 30-amp relay.

With the 130 watt bulbs this thing is ridiculously bright. At idle I can tell my alternator isn’t happy but when you’re moving you cannot even tell there is a huge voltage drop.
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