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Discussion Starter #1 again....about a month ago I walked to our 2007 Compass and found a piece of coil spring laying on the ground next to the left front tire. Inspection found it to be broken off the top of the coil on that side. I called and order parts for a replacement, figuring to do both sides. My regular mechanic replaced both for around $300. $100 for each spring, I found out later I could have purchased them online for around $50 each. Seems that way with most parts lately. The stabilizer bar links also needed replacement due to having been torched off for removal.

Anyway, 3 weeks after they were replaced the front end started the infamous CLUNKing.....we've all heard about and some of us have experienced more than once.

Investigation time again....jack it up, the only thing I can see is some wear around each of the stabilizer bar bushings so I ordered a set. Red, being my favorite color, you can guess what color I ordered. My better half said she would not drive it with the clunk so I drove it into the garage thinking to jack it and get a head start removing the bushings. A quick pry with a tire iron led me to feel there might be something else causing the clunk. So, tire iron in hand I begin to try to wiggle attachment points. Ball joints, control arm bushings all look good. Motor mounts seem loose but what do I know, they might be OK too. I'm stymied, sitting, staring into the right hand side wheel well when out of the blue, almost as if all on it's own, my hand lifts the tire iron, places it beneath the end of the stabilizer bar and lifts....Damn....the lower end of the link arm is loose as a goose! Tightened that puppy and took off for an enjoyable, quiet test drive.

I do like this car, PITA that it is.

Steve Durham
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