No longer own my 2018 Jeep Compass, so I have a few parts left over:

1st is a custom center skid plate. 6 Monkeys made this center skid plate for 2017.5+ Jeep Compass. It goes from the front subframe back and covers the center carrier bearing. It should accommodate all aftermarket exhausts, but no guarantee; it did fit my modified exhaust just fine. This skid is bigger and more stout than the factory skid and covers more area. It uses the 4 factory center skid mounting points, plus 2 forward points on the subframe. It has never been installed (was waiting to get all of them made) and is brand new, painted bed liner black. Asking $120 plus shipping (large and heavy!)
Fixture Gas Wood Door Personal protective equipment
Composite material Gas Fixture Metal Rectangle
Wood Plant Asphalt Bumper Floor

2nd item for sale is the factory center skid. Seen in the pics above, it's the factory skid from a Trailhawk that covers the center bearing. Asking $45 + shipping.

3rd up is a custom hood decal. I searched high and low for someone to make this custom decal; it's the 'standard' gloss black Compass decal, but has the mythosaur skull (Mandalorian symbol) removed from the center. This section is CLEAR so your factory paint will show through! I ordered this and it took nearly 4 months to get it; by the time it arrived, I had already gotten rid of my Compass. There are 2 of these, so you have a spare if you mess up the install. These run $100 new EACH. Asking $75 for both plus shipping.
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Up next is some Universal brackets to mount a light/pod/etc to your hood, hatch, etc. Rubber coating on the top half. 1 pair (2 brackets). Asking $10 plus shipping
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Next up we have some universal tube mount brackets.
Same as these, but a 10pack. Brackets to mount lights, shovels, etc to your roof rack, bull bar, or any other ~1" round tube. Asking $30 plus shipping (they're heavy!)
Hand Wood Eyewear Crankset Personal protective equipment
Shipping box Grey Material property Wood Packaging and labeling

I also have some OEM DRL/Blinkers from a 2018 Latitude. OEM housings and factory bulbs. Pulled from a 2018 Latitude at low mileage; everything worked when pulled. Asking $20 plus shipping
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