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Gas tank?

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My bright metal gas tank is hugely visible under my rear bumper. I've noticed in pictures that it looks black (or at least darker). What's everyone else's experience? Any ideas on what I might do to make it a little better looking? Paint?

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Solution 1. Paint - You'd be looking at some $ in labour - prolly have to remove the tank - you may have to have the tank primed too.

Solution 2. New Tank - Think you can get a different material then steel. Polyethylene OEM tank - as an example see - - should last longer too.

Soltuion 3. Undercoating - if you live on salted roads this would be ideal. Undercoating puts a layer of oil or other protectant on your undercarridge. A line from dukes of hazard jumps to mind here but I'll refrain.

Solution 4: Spash some mud on is a Jeep after all.

Solution 5: Enjoy it - it will only stay shiny so long.

I like 4 the best.
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I'm going to try barbeque paint.
My Compass' gas tank is black. As was the gas tank on my Wranglers. Which were also visible from the rear. I think it looks pretty good.

Has anyone noticed how similar the Compass's rear profile is to the Grand Cherokee? I like the Compass' taillights better though.

We were also parked next to a Liberty a few days ago ... the Compass seems to be slightly longer than the Liberty ...
You know I looked on mine, I didn't see the gas tank, but I did see the muffler thats in some strange kind of sideways mounted way.

And I really think that is what you are taking about, the gas tank seems to be further back.

I hope soon someone is going to come out with a nice and shiny chrome sport/racing muffler.

Think this may be what your looking for fly: ... in&id=1322

For Picture of the system see: ... php?t=1449

Looking at the picture on the magnaflow site it appears what is visable would be the muffler and not the tank. If this is the case then paint is not an option as the heat of the muffler wouldnt let the paint stay on. Undercoating may be the only way to hide the shinyness. You could get a black powder coat muffler tho...
Just to set things straight - what is seen from behind is the muffler.
I used Black Hi-Heat Barbeque/Stove paint on it. Works great and will not
burn off.
That is the muffler. Yes it's large! Mine is black from the factory. The Calibers seem to have a bright metal muffler and the Compass' is black. At least that's how all of them have been (the ones I've seen).
Yes, after a couple of days, I realized that was the muffler. Debated about BBQ paint, but decided to leave as is. The shine definitely wore off after a couple of days of driving.

Thanks for everyone's opinions!
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