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WOW! So she was ordered in August, originally due in December and finally picked up yesterday. My Wrangler left home last week too and is already up for sale here at the dealer who bought it, Humphries and Parks @ Maidstone.

I'll admit to butterflies all week; have I done the right thing? Am I really going from a 3.6 to a 1.3? Are all the reviews right and it isn't actually that good?

Drove back from the dealer and then off on a family "retail therapy" trip yesterday, then some running around for sports clubs, etc. today and almost through the first tank of fuel and on her second charge. I've thrown some pics in the mix below. She looks great and so far I am very pleased with my choice - good road manners, performance seems to be there if needed (although a little loud when you hit the Go! pedal) and the toys are all present and correct. My only bugbear is the number of pings, bings and alarms I get while driving - have to read the instructions to turn some of those off or down.



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beautiful! very lucky too (#23)
the compass has a LOT of bells and whistles - you'll figure them out or get used to them over time. enjoy!
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