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Well I'm sad to report I traded the Compass away. The squeaky front end that the dealer didn't fix didn't help things, but we got rid of the Compass because it just wasn't a good fit for our vehicle needs anymore.

I still think the Compass is an unbeatable value for the amount of features you get. I'll miss the heated seats in the coming months. I bought my Compass on August 18,2006 and traded it on August 25,2008. Put on just over 30,000 km in that time (18K miles). I got a decent trade-in value (about a grand over black book value).

We traded it on an 08 Dodge Ram. We plan on buying a camper trailer next spring and the Compass just can't tow 5,000 lbs 8) So we thought we'd get the truck now and have it paid off before it's time to buy a camper too. I test drove a few used trucks (Ford & Dodge) and just wasn't impressed with the little problems and "unknowns" of buying used. I like the new GM truck interiors but the price was higher. Dodge is having a serious sale on in-stock 08 trucks and they got me.

Of course I'll still be around, I will still run this site, it's not going anywhere. I just may post a bit less.
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