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Well, I have been reading this and other Jeep forums for a couple of months now and figured I should join in the fun! Last December I bought a 2008 Jeep Compass Limited 4X4 and have already put 7K miles on it commuting this winter.

I absolutely love this buggy! Its on road bad weather handling has simply been fantastic and this has been one heck of a nasty winter! It may not be "Trail Rated" but frankly I could care less. I don't go rock crawling. I go pot hole jumping and wash board bumping!

This is not my first Jeep. My old Wrangler, though very capable off road, was not much fun to drive on slippery roads, especially if there was even a hint cross winds.

If you read the Jeep Patriot Forums, you have already read this message...Don't you just love cut and paste? :wink:
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