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I have a 2011 Jeep Compass limited 2.4 2wd w/ 132,000 miles.

I have a weird loud grinding noise that only happens with the accessory drive belt attached, with the belt not attached the noise is gone. Low rpms at idle and will eventually stall (doesn't matter if I'm just sitting in park in the driveway or at a stop sign or red light, it will stall at some point if not giving gas). I have replaced all pulleys on the accessory belt as well as the tensioner pulley and pulley itself. I have replaced the ac compressor (so that pulley is new), the water pump with pulley, the alternator with pulley and the power steering pump complete with new pulley. I have also replaced the harmonic balancer and seal where it connects to the crankshaft. I have put in new spark plugs, new air filter, new belt, and cleaned the throttle body. The car is not throwing any codes even though from time to time the charging system light will illuminate (battery with a lightning bolt).

It's still grinding sputtering type sound and stalling when idle and the grinding/gurgling sound goes away with the belt off. Does anyone have any ideas?
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