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Just ran into this great forum. I own a 2008 white 2.4l FWD with almost 300k/kms on it. About to do a brake job due warpage and pitting on rotors. I'm also going to a medium or low grade pad instead of the lifer ceramic pads currently intalled and literally have not worn visibly since I bought it with 186k/kms on it.
Great vehicle . I toured all the way around and through the smokie mountains,myrtle beach,virginia beach,tennessee,georgia.
Roughly a couple states into the trip when I applied brakes on the highway it triggered the so call "death wobble" and the pitting is on the inside of the rotors.
aka Hard to see from outside especially with tires on. Needless to say this 6speed auto trans front wheel drive is a great vacation ride.
My only beef is that when you travelling through heavy forest areas where cell phones and gps signals die. You'd think that a vehicle named compass would actually have one. Well in this scenario I needed a compass and it not even in the odometer and no overhead console.
Did they add a compass to their 2011 revamp?
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