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Welcome !

199624 miles '07 Compass also blue

Runs good.
Michelin defender tires
strut brace
tuned body (quietized)

problems I had:
failed power steering pump - fixed under warranty (bad bearing)
failed alternator pulley - fixed by stealership $535
failed starter switch - I fixed.
worn inner and outer tie rods - I replaced. I submitted a post about these parts. I could have arrested the wear if I had greased them when the car was still new. I greased the lower suspension ball joints and they are still good at almost 200k miles. No rattle, No clunks.

maintenance items:
ft and rear brake pads and front rotors - I replaced. Originals last a long time but showed some fading after six years.

Will also replace worn engine mount when the weather gets warmer.

Changed plugs to Autolite Iridium XP5224 at 100k miles. These are the best for this engine.
Replaced all stabilizer bar bushings - eliminated strange noise from front of the car. bushings wear out and should be considered a maintenance item.
CVT fluid replaced at 90,000 miles at stealership - cost $235

Motor Oil and filter changes twice a year. Mobil 1 or G-Oil (which I prefer but hard to find)

Changed brake fluid. Changed power steering fluid

Secret to making the engine last is clean or replace AIR filter regularly. I clean my air filter at least twice a month. I use a strong jet of air from compressor to blow all dirt out and you'll be surprised how engine oil stay and look clean for a long time.

How I prevented electrical problems. I applied anti corrosive spray to all connectors. (I removed the battery first) Spray keeps water and or air from corroding the metal contacts. My battery posts have ZERO corrosion.

Unfortunately my windshield has cracked when a stone thrown by a truck hit it. After I replace the windshield I plan on installing ClearPlex on it. Keep it new and safe from stones.

Quietizing the body was a lot of work but worth it. I did all work myself. Cost me less than $200. Now I can enjoy the music more.
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