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Hello for Ottawa

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Hello everyone,

Nice site webmaster.

Just picked up my Compass from the dealer this week.
Went in to the dealers on Saturday Dec 9th, spent 3 hours there.
I have always driven standard trans cars. But I did not like the standard on the Compass, it just did not feel right. Tried one with the CVT and I hate to say it but I liked the auto trans better. They did not have the options available in the colour that I was looking for (silver or green) so I went with Black.

Black 4x2, with cruise, 26E, BA, Yes, and CVT.

So far it has been a good ride and I have enjoyed it.

One quick question about the Temp gauge. Is it normal to sit closer to 1/4 than 1/2 (it slowly gets closer to the 1/2). It has been a little cold here this past week. My old car would be at 1/2 after about 10 mins.

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Welcome to the site, and congrats on your new Compass!
Like you, I have always driven a standard tranny, but didn't try the manual on the compass. I Liked the CVT, liked everything else, so just said "SOLD".
Had mine for about a month now, and lovin it still!
Not sure about the temp gauge, but will try to remember to take note tonight when I go to work...
Welcome to the forums. My temp gauge have been less than 1/2 during the mornings when I go to work (about 23 degrees) and at the halfway point in the afternoon when it warms up in the 40's.
Welcome to the site, Barry.

The temp gauge is normal. Mine rarely hits 1/2 way. I watched it last night when driving to work. So you know, my drive is basically hwy for 40km's, park, then 40km's return. My temp gauge warmed up to about 1/3 and stayed there. I drive about 120km/h as it's all hwy if that makes a difference.
Thanks everyone, good to know that all is normal.
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