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Hello, I have been wanting to register here since the 6th of this month to share my story.

My name is Tim also known as blind-eddie on

I read this post on here regarding the very same thing but, the OP did not follow through with any request by other members.

Anyway, here is my story.......

I bought a 2007 Jeep Compass in January 14' with low miles in perfect shape, not a flaw on it.

I was driving alone on a smooth paved country road on the 6th of this month doing 35-40 mph when all my dash lights started flashing wildly, my gear shift started shaking like crazy and all my airbag's but, front passengers airbag deployed at the same time. Scare the crap outta me. I had no control of my Jeep at all... brakes, steering... nothing after that and rolled to a safe stop on the edge of the road.
All I could see was white and I was a bit confused as to what just happened, my ears were ringing and I was a bit dizzy from being hit by the airbags.
As I was exiting my Jeep a guy was approaching me talking...
I could not hear his words due to my ears ringing... I said to him, did you see that... He yells: Yes, are you Okay.

Once he knew I was okay, he stated to me that he was an off duty state trooper that works in the accident reconstruction unit and was amazed at what he had witnessed. He said he had never seen that happen in the 20 years he had been doing what he does and said he had only seen it on video.

We were on the passengers side of the Jeep looking in when we heard a small pop and the sound of forced air.
It was the secondary airbag that deployed... 4 minutes later. It is supposed to deploy in 25 mil sec.. he was in aww.. like a kid in a candy store, calling colleagues to tell them of what he had witnessed.

He said not to allow anyone access to my Jeep until he was able to scan my jeeps computer... he came to my home the next morning, scanned my jeeps computer and found the computer did not detect any issues nor did it detect any airbag deployment.

Chrysler picked up my Jeep on Friday, 16th and brought it back on the 19th.
I have had a rental car from the 7th until the 27th, it was getting a bit costly to keep.

I pushed the airbag back into the steering wheel and duct taped it so I could drive it and tucked the side airbags up into the headboard...

Chrysler has yet to give me answers to why it happened and what is going to be done about it. I call them twice a day....

I still owe $5000 on the Jeep, the airbags cost $2000 or so each plus all the damage that was done in the Jeep would cost more then the Jeep is worth to repair.

Now, the Jeep runs like crap, it was runny perfectly before the airbags deployed..... :dunno::confused::mad:

BTW, As soon as I get the report from the state trooper I will post it as well as
the reply's from Chrysler, if any.


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I'm glad you're OK and not badly hurt. That is an unfortunate event and could have been a lot worse.

I had a 2011 Jeep Compass Limited and loved it...until it started to crap out on me too many times not even funny - mostly drivetrain/brake/suspension issues. The last one broke the straw; clunking and clicking sound coming from under the car. Dealer said it needs new control arms and it's going to cost $900- really? a 2011 jeep with only 45K miles? Car hasn't seen any offroad or abused; mainly driven by wife for school or errands.

I'm no longer a Jeep owner, as of today and it was hard to let go, - I have traded my car for another brand. I love Jeep but the dealer and their maintenance/mechanic crew are clueless with newer cars; that or they have lost the skills of basic diagnostic or troubleshooting.

Good luck and drive safe... ;)
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