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Hello from Oregon

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My husband & I purchased our new Jeep Compass in February 2007 straight out of the dealer's showroom with 2 miles on the odometer. We just refilled the gas tank for the first time. VERY happy with the initial gas mileage of 26mph :D

The Compass moves right out, handles great & is very responsive. It's a 5-speed manual and is sooooo easy to shift. Engine is extremely quiet, but you can hear the tires on the pavement. Seats are firm but super comfortable and don't cause any pressure points, aches or pains. Can't see the hood so have to get use to that. Accustomed to using mirrors so rear visibilty not an issue. Everything seems to be working properly and the standard radio/CD player is quite nice.

Couldn't figure out how to bring up the standard equipped outside air temp and the owner's manual only refers to the optional temp gauge that's part of the EVIC package. Contacted Jeep customer support and they didn't know either! Discovered it by chance when resetting the trip button on the odometer when suddenly the outside air temp appeared while turning the odometer button.

Have ordered a T-Flex pet barrier to keep our 3 large dogs (who go everywhere with us) out of the front seats while we're shopping. Because of 100+ inches of rain falling every year, will definetly be getting the window deflectors and contoured mud flaps.

We're both retired senior citizens living on the wild and stormy southern Oregon coast. Our driving consists of 40 to 60mph on a 2 lane winding, somewhat hilly, coastal highway. It's a 50 mile trip up the coast for shopping & medical in the 'big town' of Coos Bay, but we rarely have to stop for one of the 3 traffic lights along the way.

Our new Compass (Foxy Redd) looks quite spiffy parked next to our beloved 1991 4x4 Jeep Cherokee (Colorado Red). Also have a 1997 F250 diesel ranch truck - not red.

Our local dealer had only 1 Limited and 1 Sport model in stock and we have yet to see another one on the road. Jeeps are really popular here and we can drive on many of our beaches and dunes. But I think I still prefer to do the beach and dunes via horseback :wink:
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congrats.. Our red limited is affectionately known as disco inferno :lol:

Glad to hear you're enjoying it. 8)
Congrats, and welcome aboard. Have to agree, my new Compass looks great next to my '91 Cherokee Sport 4x4. We have a lot of Jeeps down here, also, but I have only seen one Compass besides mine. Anyway, glad to hear you guys are happy with your car!!!
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