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Hello from Vancouver, First time poster, long time lurker…if three weeks is a long time?
That’s how long I had my 2013 Jeep Compass north. My heater core went on my 1998
Honda CR-V so I ended up getting a Jeep Compass. Originally the price was $19.999
And the guy at the dealership dropped it down to $16,000.

I’ve been on my jeep compass reading the forums and trying to learn more about my ride, and I must say it’s growing on me. Being able to reset computers and stuff.
The fuel mileage is on par with my old 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara, witch my jeep reminds me of so much. It’s so difficult to determine witch is better. Suzuki was rated at 26 city / 33 Highway while my Jeep is rated at 26 city and 37 highway. Jeep has more horse power and torque, but the GV can tow more. 3000 lbs compared to jeeps 2000.
Zuki has 4 gears while Compass has a CVT. (6 gears) ?
I think the Suzuki’s 4X4 system is better. 4 high and its really all wheel drive 50/50 split,
Turn the easily assessable dial that right in front of you to 4 high lock and it’s still 50/50 split front and rear but all wheels turn at the same speed. Much like a Detroit locker.
Then you have 4 low lock, same thing, but slower speeds.

Jeep Compass? Uhhh…still can’t figure it out. According to pamphlet, it’s front wheel drive, when front wheels slip, power goes to the rear much like my real time 4 wheel drive on my CR-V. However, on the forums, it’s 90% front / 10% rear. Is that AWD?
Pull the not so easily assessable …lever, and its 50 / 50 split. Lock? Is it like a Detroit locker also?

Also, where’s the tow hooks?

Sorry, this text has been sitting in word for two months, got busy with other things,
Liking compass more and more, went on two road trips and got 33.2 mpg or 8.5 L/100km Or 27.7 US mpg. :)
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