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Hello all

I am officailly new to jeeps and this forum. I stumbled upon this site when searching for some mods to do to our newly obtained 2009 jeep compass northern edition.

It has tinted tails, tinted windows, 5spd, 2.4L, and low K's!!(and was cheap)

one of my first mods I am going to do, is install a remote start/2way alarm, as it is almost winter, and canada winters suck!! lol
I have several years of car audio and alarm installation experience, so this does not over whelm me one bit.. I also am going to be doing a stealth install soon, probably going with a pair of 8's and a small 5 channel amp to run the highs, and hopefully with the gf's permission a dvd navi deck(most likely kenwood as I love there stuff)
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