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Just wanted to introduce myself. I do have a question but I'll do that in another topic forum. Let me state that I've never participated in a forum or chat group before so I if step on any toes I'll apologize now! As I introduce myself I'll answer a few questions that I read while checking out the forum.

Anyway... I live in Oklahoma and have had my Compass for three weeks now. So far I'm quite happy with it! It's a Steel Blue, 4X4, manual Sport model. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles but use it primarily to get back and forth to work (some highway some city).

I haven't bought a new vehicle in nine years as my Dodge 2500 p/u has been quite faithful. In fact if it were not for gas prices I probably would not have been compelled to by this one.

To answer a few question:
Service- Mine came with a bad battery and bent hood support.
Mileage- So far 26.3 mpg and climing. I do short shift
Comfort- Rides better that my truck!, legroom not as good. I'm not real crazy about the head rest (actually my biggest complaint). I guess I'm pretty happy about the comfort.
Design- A face only a mother could love. The 4X4 lever really not in a good place.

Well that's me, sorry this turned out so long.
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