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Greetings everyone,
My daughter has a 2020 compass limited with the 2.4 lt engine, she drove it yesterday and the vehicle started and ran . This morning , she calls and said it will not start , but it won't shut off.
So here is what I have found, the vehicle has push botton start , when I got to the car ,all accessories were on( A/C radio, lights etc) and there are many warning messages cycling thru the dash readout, FUEL SHUT OFF, transmission out, ABS out, Hill Climb out , active steering control out( or something to that nature) and maybe a few I messages i missed.
I tried pushing the key button to shut off the vehicle , but it doesn't respond. I disconnected the battery and let it sit 5 minutes , connected the battery , car seems OK, until you push the start button, then it repeats the warning messages, and can't be shut off . I checked the battery with a volt meter it shows 12 volts( sitting there with basically no load).
I'm at lose, any help on what the issue may be would be greatly appreciated
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