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I've been lurking here for a few weeks and decided to join up tonight...

I'm located in Ontario Canada & I'm a NEWBIE Jeep owner ( 2018 Jeep Compass North 4x4 model ) with 97km on the speedometer... Got extended 100km warranty & other warranty as well, so fully covered...

As far as the "Off Road Ability" this Jeep was equipped with New Goodyear assurance comfortdrive 225/55r18 Tires & stock ground clearance of 8.2" inches...
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I've put 2K on this Jeep allready, so far I love the handling & I'm learning how to cope with the 9 speed auto transmission system. It's not great, nor is it horrible...

1st thing I did however was remove Start/Stop Auto feature by removing that plastic peice from under the hood. (Haven't had issues with it, but I don't want them either)

2nd thing I did was Upgrade the floor mates from the stock Jeep branded ones.
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So far besides the Daily commute to work & errands, I've only taken this on several back country Gravel roads & well manicured Trails that likely Most cars could go anways. Looking to find some places to actually get the wheels dirty & have some fun...

Any recommendations on Real AT Tires? I've see that Falken Wildpeak A/TW3 & a few others are popular here.
I'm hopeful to find people who have upgraded tired & same vehicle specs as mine, so I dont speed $1800+ on tires to find out they rub.. Ugh. That would be terrible...

Anyways here is my Ride... The Jeep came with all windows Pre Tinted except the windshield ( I like this alot )

I've ordered LED Upgrade lights for the interior with 8k Whites. ( I wanted Blue, But I will need to sell this in a year or two & upgrade to a Nicer Jeep )

Any other Mods rrecommend? I do want to upgrade the exterior lights from Hollogen to Leds also, but dont know if Warranty would be effected or not. So ill hold on this for now.
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Feel free to chat, Banter or straight up make fun lol 馃槅 馃槣 馃ぃ

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Welcome! I like the color! I wouldn鈥檛 know what tire size to recommend, my wheels are 17鈥檚. But I鈥檓 sure a thread search would bring up a discussion about 18鈥檚. Definitely do your research before putting up money for new ones. There aren鈥檛 many accessories that I鈥檝e found for the compass, except for universal stuff like LED bars. Have fun!

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Welcome! Just this morning I was remembering my Dad's '69 that was the same color as yours. It's hard to get nice colors anymore. Usually dealers only stock black, gray, or maybe white. They say other colors don't sell. When I asked about the only one on the lot that wasn't black, gray, or white he said it was already sold. :confused: Go figure!

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Thanks everyone for the comments it's appreciated 馃槉 馃檹

I really badly wanna get front & back grill guards from Cardid (bolt on) but I need to make sure it's installing them doesn't require cutting and doesn't mess up any ground clearance... Also I'd like to find window visors that don't cost $150 here in Canada. Kinda nuts for some pvc plastic 馃槼....

Tossing around the idea of crome delete and making all chrome black. So I end up with a blue/black color. Incl the grill guards being black.

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Here is a quick question for yall.

When i search my VIN #. It always shows up as 2018 JEEP COMPASS LATITUDE 4X4 even tho my paperwork & vehicle itself clearly states 2018 Jeep compass North 4x4...

Does this mean Latitude parts fit my vehicle?
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