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HI, I have a 07 limited compass, it showing a P000A code, intake A camshaft, position slow, response bank 1. I understand it has two camshaft sensors, front and rear 1/1 and 1/2 I have the diagram of where they are but how do I know which one is bad?

Which one is intake (A) or bank 1?

OK the diagram I found on here was wrong, there are two camshaft sensors, if your standing in front of the motor they are located on the drivers side valve covers at 12 and 6 oclock, on the corners. They each have 3 wires comimg out of them. the one on the back side of the motor is pretty easy to see but the one in front is coverd by air cleaner duct work.
I still don't know which is bank intake (A) or bank 1 so im changing both.
still would like any in put if anyone has any thanks
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