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HID/LED Lights

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Where did you buy (or know where to buy) HID's for the front lights and fogs? I'm thinking about picking up some generic 12000K's for the front lights and fogs, although I'm tempted to pick up some 20000K's from Oracle... those are some pretty sick lights albeit expensive for the pair.

What about some LED bulbs for the tails? Since I smoked out my tails, I want to replace the stock bulbs with some LED lights because I like the way they look and they will also come out brighter, making the smoke less obvious.

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If you want some leds, you might wanna check on Ebay. It will be less expensive and they will be as bright as the Oracle ones.

Leds are brighter if you are directly in front. Example, if you you check your Jeep from the side, they will be less brighter.

Now HID! Putting HID's in the fogs is pretty easy. Putting HID in your headlights is pretty damn hard. I wouldn't recommend HID in your headlights. Bi-xenon systems (on the Compass) are awful for other drivers and single beam HID kits, CANBUS or not, often malfunction. So I would suggest xenon bulbs for the headlights.
i was checking into getting some hids for my comp was just gonaa go with a 6000k kit. a loacal shop here were i live told me there supplier will wire in a dodge/jeep harness so its its not a pain to install and pretty much plug and play. i dnt kno if any shops around ur area would be able to get ther supplier to do so and for leds... or you local auto store should carrie the 3157's for ur tails. and have been told that u can put a 3157 in ur signal if u shave off the lil tabs on the side of buld to fit int he 3735 socket but havnt tried it so dnt kno for sure if it works
Believe me it's more a pain than what they think! Everybody that has a caliber or compass/patriot with HID's can tell. I've worked with HID's for years so I know what I'm talking about.
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