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Hey all!

Currently the wife and I are looking to get her a new car. She had driven a '01 Wrangler for the past 15 years but sadly it was time like the old girl go.

We were looking for another SUV/Jeep and currently have our eyes set on a 2010 Compass with about 70k miles on it. I did a history report and it seems to check out with no issues.

The value I found from Edmunds says dealer retail is valued at $7736 and a private sale would avg about $6300.

I was thinking along the lines of maybe a $7000-8000 offer for it. Are there any systemic or common issues that plague the compass that I could use to my advantage?

The car looks to be in good shape and the low miles are what make it incredibly attractive to us. Any help would be fantastic and we would be super excited to join the community! I am very DIY-inclined and would definitely love to get my hands dirty with help from everyone.

Thanks in advance!!
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