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Hybrid Compass?

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What do you think of a hybrid (gas-electric) Compass? I think it's do-able. I seriously doubt DCX would build one, but I think it would be cool.

DaimlerChrysler doesn't seem interested at all in building hybrid vehicles. Only time will tell if that market grows. Toyota is planning on building a lot more hybrid models in the coming years.
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I agree it does seem possible - I think I read somewhere the 2.4 was mounted sideways (i think transversally or horizontally opposed R the terms big car companies use to confuse us but i dunno :? I guess i'm just verbally challenged). If they went down to the 2.0 liter or 1.8 litre world engines that should give the engine compartment some room for a hybrid conversion. However I think the CVT transmission does take up quite a bit of space too.

I dont think this segment will see many hybrids, if any, since these vehicles are mostly car based they do tend to get decent mileage as is. And since Jeep/Dodge calims to be the segment leader all ready in terms of gas mileage I can't see them making a switch. Toyota has never used the RAV4 platform to do this which is shocking since they seam to have the primo hybrid gear. But I have also read that hybrids are over-rated in terms of what they actually add to mileage.

So to sum up possible but not probable. :)
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Re: hybrid

CompassFan said:
But I have also read that hybrids are over-rated in terms of what they actually add to mileage.
From what I have seen "Hybrid" is just another excuse to add 2-5k to the sticker price too. :x [/i]
it really hasn't been shown that hybrids actually save money in the long run ... and no one has really told us what's to be done with those batteries after their life cycle has ended. and how much will it cost to replace them. too many questions to answer ...
Re: hybrid

curt said:
From what I have seen "Hybrid" is just another excuse to add 2-5k to the sticker price too. :x
They typically don't make money when they add that additional cost. You're paying for YEARS of research, development, and testing.
I'll wait a good but before I pony up for a hybrid at this point.

I will say the ford escape hybrid has been a decent success and the 08 they just debuted yesterday looks to be even better. They arent' there yet.

Report from reuters today talking about how hybrid sales are down this year, specifically mentioning toyota. After the crutch that the US govt had for subisdies was done, people didn't care anymore.

They are becoming the in vogue thing for many manufacturers, but the parallel I draw is with cell phones from the 80s.

They were big, expensive and sucked. Hybrids are typically pricey, don't deliver enough extra fuel economy to offset the price.. yet. But they will.

One thing I would love to see is a baby turbo diesel compass. As we get very low emissions regulations, clean diesel fuel, and better emissions controls (particulate filters and urea injection) on diesels, they will be super clean, not stinky, and offer fantastic fuel mileage. Not to mention have kick ass torque.

Hell the euro caliber has one now as I recall.

Couple this with biodiesel made from plants, and you are realy giving the world a hug. On the environment front, hybrids have actually drawn fire about their batteries, keep in mind these things have to be disposed of properly and will probably not last as long as the vehicle itself.

for example I around 22mpg (us gallons) in my 7000+ pound f250. :lol:
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