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Once had some Jeep doors stolen 1998 wrangler came here looking for doors ....
The good news I never found the doors and sold the Jeep on eBay for what I paid for it.
Even without the doors ?
Well I have a Jeep Compass Latitude now.
CVT trans .
It was all running like brand new. Then all the sudden.
I park the vehicle with 58,075 miles on a Friday.
I don’t drive it till the following Monday morning. As soon as I turned it on check engine was on and when I went to shift it jumped crazy! It was like it couldn’t find what gear it was in very sad.
Well it’s under Platinum Warranty! Yes! Wait a week for a tow and bam it’s at the dealership. “Transmission input sensor” I’ve changed many a transmission input sensors on other trans this should be a breeze.
Parts on backorder
One week later get the call ? “The part didn’t fix the transmission, we now will have to change the transmission” oh my my oh my oh my oh my.
A rebuilt CVT for $100 hmmmmm should I be happy or scared.
Does anyone else have a life curse or is it just me.
Weird story right. ? Or is this normal ? ?

Miss Black Beauty , got TVs lights, even a mini snes with 300 games sucker is loaded


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