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I Love My New Compass!

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Hi All,

I'm not much of a forum poster, but I'm really geeked about my new car. Actually, it's two months old, but I'm still excited! The Compass is my first Jeep/Chrysler product, and it still makes me smile every time I see it.

Where I work, there's another orange Compass that parks a few rows over from me. My goal is to one day get to work early enough to park next to it.

Yes, I'm that kind of car owner :D

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Well bravo and welcome to the forum Amanda......glad you found us....please tell us more about your ride...........and don't be shy...........we don't bite !!!!
That sounds like me. When I see another Compass I usually try to get next to it or be close to it. Honestly they are hard to find around here. There's only about three in my town of about 20,000. Welcome Amanda!
Hello Amanda, welcome to the forum! Congrats on your Compass, happy to hear you're enjoying it! So, tell us more, what options/features do you have? Feel for life is right, no need to be shy here, great group of people here and plenty of help should you need, so look forward to talking to you and I hope you enjoy the site! :)

- Cherokee
I guess its a Compass owner thing. Its very rare to see another Compass with the RallyE package here in Chicago, I'm more likely to find one in the burbs and that's what happened one day this past winter. I went into a store and when I came out another black RallyE edition Compass was parked next to me and of course I snapped a picture! :) (I would upload it but I'm not sure if I am able to just yet.) ;) anywho I too am guilty of parking right next to or as close to other Compass' I run into...just makes me feel all warm inside :D


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Welcome aboard Amanda. Many happy miles I forsee in your future. I love mine.
Cool pic laylaruth! :)

- Cherokee
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