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So you can Navigate while you navigate!

Reminds me of "Pimp my ride" ...

anyway I've been bothered by the compass incompetence since I've bought the Compass. It seems to either be slow/laggy or it does not give the correct directions.

Note: Even though the compass displays on the Uconnect screen, both of the following options are found in the driving cluster/instrument panel and operated by the steering wheel buttons menus near the very end.

I found in the manual that the compass needs to be set for your region. This looks like it is based on the Magnetic declination map of some sort, but they call it "Variance". This can cause your compass to be off by maybe a degree or so. My jeep came default at like an 8 or 9. I needed to set it for region 11 (eastern PA). It was a bit tricky because it would only change 1 variance region at a time. It doesn't matter how many times you push the button, you could only go to the next consecutive region, then back out, then back in and change it one more. Odd and buggy.

I also found that after this the compass was still not accurate/updating fast enough.

I decided to do the calibrate. It asks to find a spot where there is no large metal and you can drive in a circle. I found an empty lot and started the calibration. The manual says: " You may also
calibrate the compass by completing one or more 360
degree turns (in an area free from large metal or metallic
objects) until the dashes (- -) displayed in the instrument
cluster display turns off. The compass will now function

I drove around in no less than 20 circles, rather slowly, then some faster and the dashes never turned off. The calibration failed. I tried again 5 more times, and it takes about 3-5 minutes before the calibration fails, but I never got it to succeed. I tried restarting the jeep between calibrations etc. and nothing worked.

Is anyone else notice issues like a slow/buggy/laggy or compass that points incorrect directions? I figure as the namesake they would have put more thought into this novelty in the Uconnect system.

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