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Hi there, I'm glad I finally found a forum that can maybe help me out,

I have 2008 jeep compass rallye, 2.4L 4wd.

I got stranded this week because when I went to start it , it wouldn't start, all my lights come on and everything but the key just wouldn't send the signal to the starter..

So I replaced the Ignition switch, when I took the old ignition switch off, it had a small 3/4 long metal rod broken off inside of it... When I plugged the new switch in it still doesn't start, even with a screw driver.

My question is what was that metal rod? Why is that small rod not letting the car start

And... How am I going to get this fixed other then having to get it towed to a dealership... I'm going to try to jump the starter today so I can atleast cut out the getting the car towed...
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