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Fuel injectors, such as any other part of the car are necessary to maintain and clean. What are the benefits? To work properly, you must provide the fuel injection under strict pressure at the moment very accurate. It is to be sprayed in the pattern as specified by the engine structure.
Over time, the varnish may start to build in the injectors, which makes the pressure and the timing of the fuel charge pattern. The result is that gas or diesel does not burn as efficiently as possible. This deprives the performance and waste expensive gas or diesel.
There are different types of fuel injection systems. Port fuel injection systems, the type most gasoline engines have, and work to 60 pounds per square inch. By injection engines for a new direct-injection gas begins to see requires 10 to 30 times more pressure. Some diesel engines for passenger cars are injections that work on the 30,000 or more pounds per square inch. There is no place for dirt and chewing gum in the selected item like this.
There are many good products available that can clean the fuel injectors. It is best used to prevent contamination by injection. Many of them cannot be glued to seriously injector clean - which requires a professional deep cleaning."
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