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Last month I replaced my 130 radio for a 730n in my 2016 compass, although the 730 was 2011 radio out of a Chrysler 200 it still worked well with my compass. after updating the firmware to the latest application I wanted to see what it would take to add a backup camera to the compass. My research though you tube, this forum, and others the information was lacking, and just basic info. schematics for the radio could not be found, dealer only, or buy an expensive program that may or my not have it.
What to do? The dealer wants 200 to 300 to install a camera, a lock pick is the same price, hell I am not going to pay that for a camera there's got to be another way. Well there is, and I did it wireless as well.
Here's what I found out.
Radios the 730N radio is the upgrade to the 430n and will work in the compass, 2011-2016, Plug and play ,and using a extension cable for uconnect.
The camera function can be turn on by the dealer for $55., and at the same time they add the radio to your equipment list for the compass.
I figured I better have this done before I installed the camera just incase it was not doable. , but it was.
The equipment I got off Amazon.
Camera was $20

Wireless setup. $12

Retention cable $25 just the male plug, and RCA ends are used

Next will be installation . Tomorrow night

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First off I like to say that the Jeep Compass is interior is very easy to take apart a few screws for the tie downs and the rest just unsnaps
5 min. you have exposed everything you need to get too.
I also removed the license plate light benzel for mounting the camera and routing the cable into the cab side.

Then installed the benzel back on the tail gate hatch.

Next I attached the wireless transmitter with double tape to the back of the windshield wiper motor plate this is in direct line of the radio and is also covered up by the trim cover that was removed earlier.

The power wire is run to the driver side though the boot down to and attached to the white/blue stripe backup light wire.

My next step is to modify the retention cable by removing the RCA cable from the female plug and solder to the male plug end.

I know I only needed the camera plug for the backup camera, but
Sense I was there I might as well add the in and out video RCA plugs
Just in case I like to put a monitor in the back seat.

Now to put it all back together and see if it works…
I attached the wireless receiver to the bottom side of the radio with double sided tape and attached the power to the 12v power plug.

To test everything I plug in a 5" monitor to the DVD RCA output.

Testing the DVD out and backup camera.

And Last testing the back monitor , and navigation being used.

The other RCA plugs are for video in which I did not have a source to test it. But it should work and will be there should I need them.
My last step was to put back the trim panels , and enjoy my new system.

This has been a fun project and not hard at all I hope you all like it.
Total cost
Radio system $486
Camera setup $ 112
$ 598

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Looks great. I don't see myself upgrading the radio anytime soon due to costs but I managed to install a backup camera for around $50. I added a flip-out monitor on the headliner and the bracket for the camera is behind the license plate, using the very same screws for the plate. I will try and get pictures of my setup soon.
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