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Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a few questions about installing cruise control on my compass. It is a 2007 2.4L Base Model. No PW, PL, or cruise. From what I understand there are places where you can buy the switch, wire harness and wire it in.
Question 1: how do I find out if my jeep is already wired for this?
Question 2: if I were to buy a new steering wheel (found one on eBay for 56.00) that has the switch and wire harness on it already, how could I go about wiring that into my jeep if it is possible at all?
Question 3: does it need to be taken to a dealer to be programmed? I have read on a few threads that people have just plugged it in and it was up and running.

Also if anyone could help me out in finding a replacement dash piece that goes over the stereo so I can replace the stereo to a double din without the slits for the volume and tuning controls that would be awesome!

Thanks, Paul
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