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I know what you mean. I had an '08 Patriot that never let me down (200,000 miles), and my Wife is driving a 2014 Patriot which has given us no trouble (120,000 miles). The '08 Patriot remain my favorite cars out of about two dozen I've owned over the years.

Really my Compass has only had two problems, but it seems more middle-of-the-pack -- certainly not the worst, but it has a long way to make the top tier. My biggest problem is the oil consumption which has improved to 3000/qt but was initially much worse. I still don't think 3000/qt is very good since I've had vehicles that crossed 200,000 miles and did better than that. The other problem is the grumbling noise which was improved, but not eliminated, by the software update. I've learned to live with both problems.

IMHO, vehicles with <100,000 shouldn't use oil at all, nor should they make weird noises. If I'd bought this used at 150,000 miles I'd figure the symptoms mean the oil hadn't been changed often enough in its prior years and I'd be expecting a bearing to go south any time.

On the bright side my Compass (40,000 miles) is averaging about 10% better fuel economy than my Patriot. One one recent trip I got almost 40MPG on a 50 mile trip [see attached photo] which is better than I've gotten with anything else I've ever owned. I figure the fuel savings will pay for the oil consumption.


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