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Hi all.
I'm new to the forum and first time Jeep owner!
I recently got a 2011 Jeep Compass Limited 2.4

I have an issue with the Uconnect stereo system.
I am trying to connect my iphone 8 plus to the stereo to play music from it- either by USB cable or bluetooth.

The uconnect system info is:
Application 2.301
Database Ws15 E 1003 3.1.2
SDS 170901

Hardware System:
6818 009 3.8

I have successfully paired the iphone via bluetooth, so it is connected via bluetooth for phonecalls etc.
However I cannot see any way of streaming audio/music from the iphone?

When I connect it via usb or bluetooth, the AUX option is greyed out.

Any help would be very appreciated!


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