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Hi guys,
I joined this forum almost 4 years ago when I got my 2008 Compass North 4 X 2. I really liked the car and believe it or not the dealership as well. I purchased a service contract with my lease and felt they really treated me well. That's more than I can can say about my experience with Toyota just before I got the Compass.

I really loved the 2008 but my lease payments were too high and decided to get rid of it and get a cheaper vehicle. I originally wanted to get a Wrangler Unlimited, but the price was a bit too high and was worried about the mileage. Anyway, I decided to get a new 2011 compass North 4 X 4.

With all the rebates and extras it actually costs me $100 or so less a month than the old one did. I have to say they did a nice job on it. My only gripe is the vent fins. My wife and I both have iPhones. With the old Compass I used a Scosche vent mount that worked beautifully. It could be used in portrait or landscape mode which I loved because we use the Navigon GPS app and it was perfect. Problem is with the new vents I can't use it anymore.

In a perfect world I'd like to somehow mount the one I already have somehow but am not sure if it's possible. Or are there any vent mounts designed for these types of car vents? I really don't want anything on the windshield and I have a manual so I don't want anything near the shifter so I think a cigarette lighter mount wouldn't work for me.

Just looking for ideas, thanks.
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