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Hi everyone. First time poster here. After a search of the internet with no luck, I thought I'd come here for some help.

I recently moved to South America, and I brought my 2011 Compass with me. I bought it in the U.S. before moving down. I was wondering, since it operates with Garmin maps, is it possible to load maps for South America onto the navigation system? If so, anyone have any idea how I would go about doing it? Would they come on a cd/dvd that I could pop into the system, or would i need to upload through the usb outlet?

I'm at a loss at the moment, cause I can't find any guidance on the web about whether or not it can be done. I haven't visited the Jeep dealers here yet. I was hoping to find out whether or not it was even possible before making the trip.

Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated.

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