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I left to go to the market this morning. When I reached my destination I looked at my odometer and to my surprise my 07 Jeep Compass has reached exactly 300, 000 miles !
Mind you this car has the original engine and transmission (cvt).
But it was not without problems. Just recently I changed the oil pan and valve cover gaskets. They have developed some minor leaks. A little drip here and there.
I would not mind it if the car was always parked outside but it gets annoying when you have some oil drips in the garage.
I also changed the thermostat housing because it has developed a small crack and there was some coolant leak. The housing was made of plastic and can't last forever.
I changed the CVT fluid, oil filters and pan. I saw a pan with a drain plug ($24.oo) So I went ahead and ordered it. I used valvoline cvt fluid which is very inexpensive compared to the original from mopar. Now that the pan has a drain plug it will be very easy to change the fluid.
At 243,000 miles the fuel pump went out and I had to change that. It cost me $239.00
The car has no rust. I spray the undercarriage with wd40. Sometimes Fluid Filn. I spray into rust prone areas where water might accumulate.
The catalytic is still good but may need replacement soon. The airconditioner is inoperative at the moment because I think the compressor 0-rings have become brittle and needs to be replaced. I have to get those replaced and the system recharged.
Also the shocks are still ok. No leaks but I am planning to replace them soon because of the miles and now there's some noise developing. Ball joints and bushings don't last forever.
All in all the car has been reliable. Engine oil and filter changes twice a year. Oh, when I removed the valve cover I was pleasantly surprised that there was absolutely no sludge formed in the engine.

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Great post! These things are pretty durable if one does the maintenance and isn't discouraged by a few repairs. Repairs happen to anything. I hope you have many happy miles ahead.(y)
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