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My fiance just got a 2015 Compass Latitude. 2.4, cvt, 4wd...and it's her first vehicle. She's super excited about it, she's super proud of it, and she's wanted a Jeep for a long time.

.....and I think it's stuck in 4wd.

Anywhere we go, there's a loud sound coming from the rear of the vehicle, specifically under/behind the rear seats. I can only describe it as "An engine under acceleration with a 1-gear transmission."
Anytime the car accelerates, there's audible engine and transmission gear noises in front of us that are normal...and at the same time, behind us, a winding-up sound like an engine under acceleration never going into the next gear. It's so loud, that we have both several times looked around for someone tailgating and revving at us.

The 4wd light is off. Engaging the 4wd lock turns the light on, and does not change the noise. Disengagement also does nothing except turn off the light.
I'm aware that the 4wd should automatically disengage around 38mph, but this sound does not stop well into the 40's and 50's.
I've also heard all about the wheel bearing issues on these cars, but I've already checked for that and they're fine.
2 days ago, as we were going to work, the Traction Control light came on after leaving the house, and stayed on all the way to our workplace. Turning off the engine turned off the light; the light was not on when she turned the car back on.

I'm afraid her Jeep is going to blow up when we're going somewhere on the highway.
Has anyone else experienced this sound? IS IT the 4wd system stuck? Is it a much simpler fix? I need help before taking it to a dealership and incurring their crazy fees for diagnosis.
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