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I have an 09 Compass 4X4 north with tow prep.

I installed the wiring harness last year and got a hidden hitch class III installed works great...

we just bought a brand new trailer that has brakes on it and I now need to install a brake controller.

My question is, does any of you know if the compass already have wires under the dash ready to hook up or do I need to just use the universal wiring kit and do it from scratch?

I know I will have to run the Brake signal and and power/ground to the back but I wish the brake controller wires were already there under the dash like the Liberty, it would save some time and would avoid drilling and feeding extra wires.

Let me know if you are aware... (I also ask the dealer but no response yet)

btw, trailer is 2300 lbs( I know a bit more then max of 2000) but it tows really good even without the brake controller. but because of the weight I definitely want to hook up the brakes.

Thank you

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