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Hello I'm interested in buying a Jeep Compass 2015-2016 but im dissapointed that this vehicle the sport model dosen't offer:
Miles per galon info
miles to empty and others..
The sport model offers sometimes back up camera and touchscreen but its dissapointing that it dosent offer the Uconnect button for answering calls...
and from Readinds the Vehicle Information Center or Message Center its optional... it requires other spedometer...

I was curious if i brought the switch assembly with the Uconeect button I could install it and it would not require dealer configuration.

this is how my jeep came with back up rear camera and touch screen with bluetooth.

Im looking foward to remplace to remplace the Step and Reset with this.. One question remplacing this for being able to answer the phone with the steering is possible without taking it to the dealer? only the switch assembly?

im sure for getting th vehicle information or message center il have to go to the dealer i think...

In the end the switch pad is easy to install and find but I wonder if it is just plug and play.

in the end this is the result I hope to achieve.. Soo changing the speedometer is just plug and play? or it requires configuration... and After

I hope I can achieve this. and get the Vehicle Information or Message Center.

I hope I can get this... Anyone has done this before?

Any tips or advices?
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