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Welcome to the Jeep Compass Of The Month Contest!

At the start of each month a new thread will be made where members can post pictures of their Jeep Compasses. One week before the end of the month, that thread will be closed with a redirect to a new thread where members can vote for the COTM (Compass Of The Month) of their choice. For the rest of the month members can vote on their favorite Jeep Compass. The member with the most votes will be displayed on our homepage for the entire next month!!

Rules are simple:
1. Must be pictures of your own Jeep Compass.
2. Only apply once in the contest thread. You can apply every month depending on rule 3.
3. If you win the contest, you will not be eligible to win for at least 3 months.
4. Tie's in voting will be decided by MyJeepCompass staff.
5. Please try and limit the number of pictures to a maximum of 3.
6. If you have a build thread going, please provide the link so you don't clutter the submission thread and people will still see what's done to your Jeep Compass.
7. Please list any/all modifications and upgrades.

Let the contest begin!
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Not open for further replies.