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We had a great time in Toledo yesterday. Being part of the Jeep tradition. We got a early start for the three hour drive to Toledo to make our parade staging time of 6:45 a.m.
We were parked in the lot of the Toledo Zoo. 1300 Jeeps in all. I had the joy of being parked next a 1945 Jeep which makes you appreciate where this brand started. I had all makes of Jeeps around me and everyone was great. We had some great conversations about Jeep since I seemed to be a bit of a oddity in the group. Not exactly a off road Wrangler. The talk centered around how the Jeep brand survived with Chrysler looking at up and coming buyers being women and not exactly off road types. The addition of the Compass, Patriot, Renegade, Liberty catered to this demographic, and to the agreement of everyone , kept the brand going.
We staged for the Jeep parade and off we went twoards downtown Toledo. There were an estimated 60,000 people watching the parade. My wife had a great time waving, and we had a lot of positive comments. Everyone had a great time. We passed the famous Tony Packos ( Klinger Mash Fame) , and knew where we had to have lunch later. We were parked in the downtown area (Jeeps Only :) and there were vendor displays everywhere, and of course great Jeeps. I came across another Compass. The owners father was a WWII survivor and a retired Toledo Jeep employee. He was wounded in Normandy (Shot in the arm and shoulder while carrying Mortor ammunition, he was a mortorman). His duaghter owned the Compass and surprised him with the day in the parade. He said he never waved so much and shook so many hands. His smile was great. A great honor, and he enjoyed it in a Compass. The artwork on the hood of the Trailhawk was a surprise. It's not a decal. Hand painted. Wow. The Seagate center in downtown Toledo hosted historical Jeeps including the first three made. My favorite was the Levi Jeep. I didnt take a ton of pictures becasue my wife and I were enjoying the day meeting people and making friends. Hopefully they'll do this again in two years.


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